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Our Wines


This beautifully elegant white wine is a hand-crafted, proprietary white wine. Lieta is the Italian word for “glad”. It is a reminder of the gladness wine brings to our heart.


Cielo is a red blend from some of our favorite varietals grown in Napa Valley. Each vintage, the blend is uniquely designed so that it may be termed “heavenly” as Cielo in Italian translates to heavens or sky.


Tresca in Italian translates to “intrigue”. This was the first wine that Allora Vineyards ever made, back in 1997. All the fruit in this intriguing wine is grown on our own estate at Allora Vineyards in St. Helena.

Cabernet Franc

Since 2006 Allora has been making this remarkable wine. All the fruit in this wine is grown on our own estate in St. Helena. The unique micro-climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing Cabernet Franc. We believe great wines start in the vineyard.

Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is not a small grape nor is it a Syrah. It is a dark colored, full-bodied grape varietal. Although sometimes found in blends, the unique micro-climate and soil conditions at Allora Vineyards are ideal for growing Petite Sirah.


Lusso means “luxury” in Italian. This luxurious Cabernet Sauvignon contains fruit from the St. Helena Appellation of Napa Valley and is 100% Estate Grown. Lusso comes from the best grapes we grow.


Only made when conditions are right, Sussurro is a late harvest, Port-Style wine. It is our first late harvest wine. All of the fruit was grown on our own Estate in St. Helena.