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Our Story

Allora Vineyards was established in 1997 by Terry and Nancy Klein. The winery is known for small-production luxury wines. A total of 1,200 cases is produced annually, and since the wine is not distributed it can only be purchased directly from the winery. Allora is located on an exceptional 15-acre estate on the valley floor in St. Helena. The genesis of the winery was the desire to create a family-owned and operated business, a genuine passion and appreciation for fine wine, and a deep respect for this unique and outstanding wine-growing region. The name Allora was chosen following an inspirational visit to Tuscany. When listening to Italian, it is quite common to hear the word "allora" in almost every sentence. The word directly translates to "and then", often it is used to convey the thought, "okay" or "alright." After numerous label rejections, the Kleins unanimously declared "allora," and agreed to attempt one last label approval. The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Team

Terry and Nancy Klein
Terry and Nancy Klein

Terry was born in San Francisco and moved to St. Helena with his family as a child. Growing up in Napa Valley has inspired his passion for wine and vineyard management. Although, he has built a very successful construction business over the past four decades, his love for wine motivated him to establish Allora Vineyards. Nancy was born and raised in New York. She moved to Napa Valley after marrying Terry in 1974. Her invaluable contribution to the winery is reflected in her skill and attention to detail with the accounting and financial responsibilities.

Gale and Kelly Klein Muters
Gale and Kelly Klein Muters

Gale was born in Portland, Oregon and spent most of his childhood around the Willamette Valley, which is best known for its lovely wines. Though his career has been focused on construction, since his move to California in 1988, he has developed a deep appreciation for wine. Kelly was born in Napa, California. She learned about wine packaging, marketing and sales while working for one of the area's premier graphic design firms before her transition to Allora in 1997. Kelly's responsibilities at the winery include wine education, guest hospitality, and business development. Gale and Kelly were married in 2007 and together they enjoy bringing the Allora experience to wine connoisseurs across the country.

Cortney Klein
Cortney Klein

Cortney was born in Napa, California and has increasingly grown in her extensive knowledge of wine. She developed her expertise and acute palate over the past 20 years working, here in Napa Valley at various boutique wineries, and for a few years at a specialty wine shop in Greenwich, Connecticut. Cortney's responsibilities at the winery include managing the Allora Allocation program, directing the private label wine program, and hosting tastings.

Angelina Mondavi
Angelina Mondavi, Consulting Winemaker

Angelina began her career at the age of ten by assisting the lab manager at her family's winery in St. Helena, Charles Krug. She attended Villanova University and majored in chemistry. Angelina's first job after graduation was with the Hess Collection working in the lab during harvest. She then moved to Barossa Valley, Australia to work the harvest at Yalumba Wine Company. While in Australia, she earned a master's degree in Oenology from the University of Adelaide's Waite Campus. Upon her return to Napa Valley, Angelina served as the assistant winemaker at Pine Ridge Vineyards as well as for a Napa Valley cult wine. Along with her three sisters, Angelina continues to produce Dark Matter and Aloft, two highly sought-after Howell Mountain wines. In addition to running her personal business, Angelina carries the honor of serving as a director on the family's company board, C. Mondavi & Family, to continue the family legacy. Her passion and commitment to excellence can be clearly seen in each vintage of the Allora wines that she has crafted.

Matt Beverly
Matt Beverly, Assistant Winemaker

Matt was born and raised in Colorado. While working in restaurants, he developed a true love and appreciation for food and wine. In 2008, he moved to the Napa Valley and quickly found himself in the wine industry. His experience has included many years in hospitality and retail. Matt joined the Allora team in 2021 and started training as the assistant winemaker alongside Angelina Mondavi. At Allora, Matt plays an integral role as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable host to winery visitors in addition to being a key player in the production of each outstanding vintage.

Our Vineyard

When the Allora Estate was purchased in 1998, it was not technically for sale, but through Terry's close connections in the valley the property was acquired. As far back as the records show, one family owned this property and used it as pasturage for their livestock generation after generation. Finding previously unplanted land is virtually impossible in Napa Valley, and the well-fertilized soil shows through in the unrivaled quality of fruit produced in the vineyard. It is composed mainly of two different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, and two small blocks of Cabernet Franc and Petite Sirah. Only organic farming methods are used to care for the vines. The soil is primarily sandy loam with portions comprised of clay. The most talented and celebrated viticulturists and winemakers were consulted during the planning and planting of the vineyard. One of the most celebrated winemakers in Napa Valley once said that the ideal vineyard would be in the coolest part of the hottest appellation. That is precisely where the Allora estate vineyard is located. An aerial view of Napa Valley reveals an hourglass shape. Allora is situated at the center, the narrowest spot in Napa Valley, which ensures gentle breezes to cool down the vineyard in the evening and bright, intense sun to keep the fruit ripening perfectly during the day. Our firm belief and treasured philosophy is as follows... Great wines start in the vineyard.